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Our goal is to help you grow your business and your personal brand through stunning websites that focus only on the critical elements most important to your business.
Our unique designs cut through the clutter to clearly display your value proposition.
With an emphasis on simplicity, we strike the perfect balance between color and space that allows your content to shine through.

"The result is better usability, easy navigation and higher conversions."

What We Do

The perfect website should be visually striking, easy-to-navigate and clearly showcase your value. It should represent who you are and what you do. And we believe this shouldn’t cost you a fortune to achieve. At SMR Website Design, we work closely with you to build a website that reaches all your goals.

Our minimalist designs are individually tailored to represent your unique personality while meeting the exact needs of your target audience. We hand-code your site using the latest framework (Bootstrap 4) to ensure the perfect user experience across all devices. Incorporating best optimization (SEO) practices and following the latest guidelines from all major search engines, we build high-performing websites that deliver on all fronts.

We set your website up for success by including:

Dedicated Servers

Hosting is one of the most important, but often overlooked, aspects of your site. It plays a major role in your website’s overall speed, uptime, and security. At SMR Website Design, we provide dedicated hosting servers to maximize performance, enabling your site to grow in a secure environment.

SSL Certificate McAfee

Security is a big concern for any site. That’s why we offer advanced web security on all our websites through McAfee to protect every user, device and location from malicious programs. We even install SSL certificates to encrypt sensitive information such as credit card numbers, usernames, and passwords.


Your time is better spent looking after your customers than worrying about the latest security updates. At SMR Website Design, we take care of your site, so you don’t have to lift a finger. From regular updates to ongoing back-ups and uptime monitoring, we keep your site bug-free and running like a well-oiled machine.

Search Engine Optimization

With a website looking this good, it would be a crime for no-one to see it! Luckily, we hand-code all websites following the best SEO practices to improve your ranking and help your customers find you

We want to create a website that aligns with all aspects of your business. Whether you’re looking to build from scratch or bring new life to an existing site, we make it easy to get started.

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How SMR Website Design Helps You Succeed

Amazing User Experience (UX)
User Experience refers to how a visitor feels when they interact with your website. A well-planned site evokes positive emotions. It’s not only easy to understand and navigate, but it’s also enjoyable to use. At SMR Website Design, we work with you to understand your customer’s journey and create an amazing website that meets them at each step of the way.

Responsive on all Devices
With mobile and tablet usage recently surpassing desktop usage, it’s imperative that your business adapts to remain competitive in the long-term. The trend is looking to continue, with Google also favoring mobile-friendly websites in search rankings. At SMR Website Design, we focus on building responsive sites that allow users to move seamlessly from desktop to smartphone to tablet while maximizing their experience.

Fast Page Loading
When it comes to your website, every second counts. Because let’s face it, no one’s got time for a page that takes too long to load! In fact, a 1-second delay is all it takes to see a 7% reduction in conversions. That’s why we use the best practices to meticulously plan your site, writing clean code and optimizing your HTML, CSS, and imagery to ensure site speed doesn't damage your bottom line.

Simple, Minimal and Effective
Well organized, visually striking, and timeless. Our minimalist designs showcase your most important content and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Less is more, and our designs achieve the perfect balance.

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Why Work With SMR Website Design?

At SMR Website Design, we’re dedicated to helping you, whatever your goals may be. We’re passionate about designing websites that are creative and current while providing exceptional support at all times.

Communication Around the Clock
Our business is built on communication. We’re always available to answer any questions (no matter how basic you think they might be) and provide on-hand support as you need. With response times between 10-30 minutes, your questions won’t go unanswered for long.

Quality Websites for Every Budget
Your budget shouldn’t impact your business. At SMR Website Design we build fully responsive, functional and effective websites that fit within every budget.

Experts at Your Fingertips
As web specialists, we have the expertise and experience to help your business thrive online. Our appetite for knowledge ensures our clients receive not just creative, but current and clean designs.

Built on Transparency and Trust
At SMR Web Design, what you see is what you get. We take an open and honest approach with every client and place your needs at the center of everything we do.

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SMR Website Design: Adam John Jewelry website

Adam John Jewelry
A website built on Bootstrap for a custom jewelry maker with an in site online store.

SMR Website Design: Todora-Petraglia Team Website

A Website built on Bootstrap for a high end real estate team.

SMR Website Design: Floral Park Rovers

Floral Park Rovers
A website built on Bootstrap for a girls travel soccer team.

SMR Website Design: Dr. Croom Mobile Vet

Dr. Croom
A website built on Bootstrap for a mobile veterinarian in Michigan.

Additional Services

Along with our core web design service, we provide a range of other options for your business including:

Schema Markup
Schema markup is one of the most powerful, but underutilized, forms of SEO. It helps search engines understand your content and provide more informative results for users. Utilizing schema markup, your website can appear higher in the rankings and ultimately result in more click-throughs.

Landing Pages
Do you want a landing page that turns traffic into sales? At SMR Website Design, we help your business or brand shine. Our landing pages grab your visitor's attention and drive them to take action.

Sitemap Build/Install
Does your website have a sitemap? If not, you may be missing out on some essential benefits that impact your rankings. A sitemap notifies Google, and other major search engines, to crawl and index your website when changes occur.

Local Business Listing Indexing
Do you want to reach a local audience that’s searching for your business? Amplify your local presence, improve your visibility and get discovered through our local business listing indexing.

Facebook or Twitter SEO Card
Social media metadata is an essential element for your website. By including hand-coded scripts in the coding of your website, you can optimize and define how your titles, descriptions and imagery appear in social streams. It is also an essential SEO tool and can lead to increased links, mentions, and shares for your website.

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