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What is Online Consulting?

Online Consulting is the service we offer, that will optimize your business or brand for achieving the best results online.
We do not change your plan, we just help you adapt it for use online. Just having a website, blog and social media is not enough. If you are not tying these tools together and using them correctly, you are hurting your potential.

Some Guidance We Offer:
• We first learn everything about your business or brand so we can fully understand your needs.
• We incorporate that data and create an Online Profile, (the way your brand should look and work online.)
• Then we will examine and evaluate all your online tools. (Social Media, Website, Blog, etc...) to see what needs to be updated to fit the new plan. Any tools you do not have, that we feel you should, will be created for you.
• Basically, we are doing a complete revamp of your online presence.

While we do not want to interfere with any practices you may already have in place, we will advise you how to incorporate small changes to fit with your new online profile.

After Your New Profile is Completed:
Now that we have a new profile and plan in place it is time to help you use all these tools correctly, and in a way that will make them work for your business.

• First, we are always available for any type of support whether it be for online consulting or technical help.
• We will guide you through every step of being online in this new age.
• We coach you on how to use social media to build your online presence and use it to your advantage.
• We suggest tools and services to help you as well and teach you how to use them effectively.
• We show you how to optimize your time concentrating on methods that work and stopping what doesn’t.
• We help you learn to generate leads, build an email list, or become a trusted source in your field.

By letting us help, you will be helping yourself create and grow a sustainable business & online presence.

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