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How To Grow Your Business Online

It all begins with a website.

• Your website is the most important marketing tool in your tool box.
• You should think of it as your online business card or brochure.
• You may just be starting out, or already have an established business.
• You may also already have a website. Maybe it is one you did yourself on one those practical diy website builders.

But with all the new algorithms, security, and SEO rules that are starting in the new year, are you prepared?

What New Rules?

If you are asking this, then perhaps you are not prepared enough.

• Within the last year, Google has begun red flagging websites that are not fully responsive.
• That means your diy website builder, (which is adaptive not responsive) may not cut it. Most of them only offer two device parameters to work in, mobile and desktop.
• Also within the last year, keywords have taken on different roles in web design. So if you have not updated to these new techniques in your site, then they could actually work against you!
• New Markups in the code are also playing a big part in design in relation to your indexing.
• And just recently, Google has started red flagging sites without proper security protocols.

So How Can I Help You Grow Your Business Online?

• At SMR Website Design, we display content in a simple and clear design format that is fully responsive.

• We create our designs based on your target audience. They are geared toward getting your most important information, and your desired CTA (Call to Action), shown in a simple and easy to find display.

• We follow all the latest protocols, such as SSL, responsive design, clean code, and best SEO practices, so search engines will understand and rank your site high. This also prevents your site from being penalized for not following these guidelines.

• Our websites are built using the Bootstrap Platform

"Our goal is to help your business or personal brand grow!"

• SMR Website Design offers website design/development, hosting, and maintenance, all at affordable prices.

So if you are in need of a website upgrade, or need a new website designed for you, we can definitely help you, and in turn, help your business grow online.
You can email, call, or text us to get started today!

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