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Choosing A Website Design For Your Business
Is Actually Easy
- John Johnson

SMR Website Design Blog

Choosing a website design for your website whether it a personal website or a commercial one that is going to bring in business for you is not too tough provided you know about your needs and requirements and have an idea of the taste and preferences of your target audience. In case you have decided to get your website designed or want to revamp the existing website you already have; make sure you are clear with the industry fad and have a clear picture in your mind of what exactly you are looking for.

Big unique fonts - able to catch the attention of your target audience

Big unique fonts or typography is the new fad that catches the attention of the target audience pretty fast and is able to tell them what all the section or page is all about. A mix of small and large fonts will be able to create a contrast which is hard to pass. Your target audience will be attracted to it and will be compelled to read it with interest. Your users have an idea of what your entire website is about without going into the finer details or reading the finer text. This leaves a great impression on your target audience and acts as a good traffic generator.

GIF's animations and small videos will be the order of the day

Small animations videos and GIF's on websites which are informative and will help the target audience in comprehending something about the website or the product or service you are offering will be the in thing in terms of web designing. Animations tend to pump in life in the website and ensure a steady flow of new and returning users since they just have to sit back and see what all you have there for them in store. This is actually a great method to propagate your ideas or get in touch with your target audience. Ensure to have your YouTube account synced with the website design to make sure that all your videos or animations are arranged at a single place and if any of your users is interested in just the videos he/she can visit your YouTube channel. Generating leads and prospective customers from YouTube was never so easy

Mobile and tablet optimized websites need to be designed

Since majority of the people nowadays browse and conduct their business via their smart phones and tablets it is important to have a responsive website design that caters to all the devices. Having a mobile optimized website will ensure that mobile users have a better view of your website and are not left searching for information and content on your website once they have it open on their mobile devices. Keep a keen eye on the design while testing - How it fares on a small screen, how it makes its presence felt on a big screen. The color scheme, the fonts, images and animations should flow seamlessly guiding the user to a rich experience for the time he/she is there on your website.

Get a voice across to your target audience via a Blog

Interacting with your target audience is important. You need to make it a habit to put across your ideas your plans and strategies for the future both for your potential users and also for the stake holders in your business. Thus a blog or something similar where your target audience is able to read your mind and make sure they are with the right organization is a must. Invest time with your website designer to have a blog that creates and holds the interest of your target audience for a long time.

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